AC tips bartenders Kathie Lee & Hoda with her jewels

What's not to love about these two? Drinking wine before 11am on weekdays, while catching up on the latest in fashion, social media, name it--these gals got it covered.  To be honest, they kind of have my dream job.  

So, I saw these two slinging drinks at the US Open at the Grey Goose bar.  Because I heart them so, I had to order a cocktail, which was the US Open signature "Honey Deuce."

As I waited in line for Kathie Lee & Hoda to make us drinks, I thought about what a nice gesture it would be to tip them not in cash, but with some handmade jewelry of mine.  So I took two 14k rose gold filled bangles right off my wrist and handed it to them.  As you can imagine, I was super giddy and excited and told them it was my dream to see them in my jewelry. And I of course had to have my #micdrop in my 40-second infomercial, throwing in that jab "and they don't chip or tarnish" which we all hoped my very organically-somewhat-intended advertisement would make its way to NBC's Today Show.

They were both super sweet--Kathie Lee seemed especially excited over the rose gold. I really loved their reaction!  Made me more than happy to give them a gift.  And don't you worry I drank that entire Honey Deuce--it was realll good ladies, nice work!

Hey Kathie Lee & Hoda, I like your style!  On that note, if you ever wanna have this gal on your show who's an up & coming designer and got started by selling jewelry she made off herself...she's 100% in! I'll come style you in my jewels any day!

boom goes the jewels.