The 411 on 14K Gold-Filled Care



It’s simple...we're confident that we offer the absolute best quality 14k gold-filled jewelry on the market.  We also know that gold-filled is second only to solid gold in terms of quality.  So when it comes to the durability of our product, it stands to reason that it's your best affordable option for gold jewelry. 

Although there is longevity in our jewels, it’s important to know how to properly care for them to ensure they truly last a lifetime. These little babies are delicate and require extra special attention, just like the ladies that wear them ;)


First things first, in order to make your Ashley Carson last, how you handle your jewelry is EVERYTHING. We know life can be hectic, (que full time female business-owning, jewelry designing, saleswoman at your service!), but it’s imperative to take an extra minute or two to slow down when putting on or taking off your jewelry. We’d hate for you to accidentally snag it on something or pull too hard and snap the chain! Make sure your pieces are being stored appropriately—check out our nifty travel cases—perfect for throwing in a purse (or just a tangle-free AKA headache-free life) for a girl on the go!


If you think you can skip cleaning your jewelry, think again girl! Your neck produces oil and sweat—not to mention the excess grime from sunscreen, lotions, and/or makeup—it’s a dainty gold-chains worst nightmare! To keep your jewelry shining like-new, we recommend cleaning it with a specialty jewelry cleaner. This can typically be found at any drug store, target or bed bath and beyond. If you need something like, right now, mild dish soap mixed with water will also do the trick. If your jewelry has stones, such as quartz, it would fare well to scrub them gently with an old toothbrush.


Not to be dramatic but, our tangle-free travel cases will You will literally never have to untangle a chain again after learning how to use one of these bad boys. Place your body chain or necklace in the case, toss it in your purse, and you’re good to go. These cases are compact enough to fit in the tiniest of purses and are made to make your life simple; do it for you and the jewels will thank ya! For an at home DIY solution, you can also store your necklace or body chain inside a straw, then place it in a plastic ziploc baggie. However, we think our travel case is your best bet!

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