First and foremost, what you should know about our line is that it was designed by Ashley, for Ashley, and she has worn every piece--most at least dozens of times. It worked out pretty nicely that one of our first accounts was Equinox fitness clubs, as we were able to test the market in NYC--specifically the active busy stylish Equinox woman. In testing the market, we've had outstanding results, and continue to make improvements in educating our customers while providing styling and storage solutions to make your busy life easier.

Our pieces are sustainable because we use a medium called 14k gold filled.  It is the next best thing to solid gold, and intended to last decades. As gold filled is standardized by its weight of at least 5% gold, in order to achieve that weight, the metal must go through a chemical bonding process. This process keeps gold filled sustainable. Most of the designer jewelry currently appears to be gold plated.

We are also offering storage solutions and will be launching a YouTube channel to help educate our customers...basically just telling you what Ashley does in her busy life to care for the jewelry in keeping it sustainable.


As this collection was designed by Ashley, for Ashley, and she continues to design for all the women around her, she, her crew, and her customers can all speak from experience in wearing each piece.  Ashley built this line based on her own experience with jewelry and styling.

We believe in layered & stacked transitional sets!  You'll see many of our sets throughout all of our lookbooks--from bridal, to fitness, to swimwear, to casual.  Ashley has also collections designed for bridal & eveningwear, which are intended to be the statement pieces styled with a simple elegant gown. These statement pieces can also transition easily to other looks. 

Ethical Production

We strive to provide our customers with jewelry that they can take for a good part of their lifetime.  We believe it is simply unethical, and also a waste of our production time, in selling you pieces that will tarnish or turn after a few weeks or months.  Our mission is to provide you with a set of jewelry that you can take with you into all occasions of your life, and happy to see you back to grab a few more pieces to add to your layering, and also see what new styling tricks we've learned to help you out. We'd rather provide you with even just one staple piece that you wear for the next 20 years, than if you got into the cycle of having to keep coming back to us every few months to purchase new jewelry because your luxury item was turning on you.

All of our pieces are handmade, currently in NYC by Ashley & her team.  Manufacturing will continue to be rooted in the US, as we do not believe in dumping more fuel into the ocean, just to save a buck on production.  If we have to take a pay cut by keeping all production within the US, then that is part of our contribution to the planet. Fashion is the second most detrimental industry to the planet, and our mission is to change that, by simplifying one wardrobe at a time, we hope that the landfills will begin to shrink, the oceans become cleaner, and the inhumane practices taking place in overseas factories begins to diminish.

Company Culture

As Ashley was no stranger to the corporate environment, with over a decade of experience working for other corporations, wanted to create a place that others wanted to be a part of...that when we "worked" it wouldn't feel like it felt all those years behind the desk.

At ACD, Ashley encourages each one of us to play to our strengths...and since we all do, and we all love what we do, we are all able to work remotely the majority of the time, working on what you might consider to be the "freelance model."  Ashley also encourages us to explore our own passions in our "down" time, as long as customer's needs are being met and we are all accomplishing our goals.  We are a group of artists, athletes, homemakers, and fashionistas, who bring our craft to the table in creating the vision and making this vision a reality...that the richest people love what they do.  And since we love what we do, love goes into our work...and it shows.