Care Instructions

Please remember, although this line is made using quality 14k gold-filled materials that won't chip or tarnish, it is still very delicate. You must be gentle when putting on or taking off each piece. Wearing a body chain that doesn't fit you correctly, or snagging the jewelry on clothing will break the jewelry. Therefore we ask all of our customers to please be mindful and careful. If you learn to properly care for your Ashley Carson, you'll have it around to wear for almost a lifetime.


We recommend purchasing a jewelry cleaner from your local retail store. If you do not have a jewelry cleaner at home or do not wish to purchase one, it is also safe to use a mild dish soap mixed with water. Lather the mixture between your fingers before rubbing it onto your jewels. The pieces that will require the most cleaning are the necklaces and body chains, as your neck often produces a decent amount of oils, sweats, has sunscreen, facial lotions, and/or makeup on it. Pieces with stones, such as quartz often fair well when they are scrubbed gently with an old toothbrush.


For body chains and all necklaces, it is highly recommended to store each piece in its' own tangle-free travel case. These cases are small enough to fit in the tiniest of purses. If you store it correctly, your jewelry will be protected and remain tangle free! 


  1. To open, bend curved side (back) away from flat side (front)
  2. Close all clasps on necklace or body chain 
  3. Use both hands to hold the piece out from end to end
  4. Wrap the piece around the spool, leaving out the first end by 1/4 inch
  5. Use your other hand to wrap the remainder of the piece around the spool (while holding the first side of the piece in place)
  6. Leave 1/4 inch hanging from the second end
  7. Flip spool closed, leaving out both 1/4 inch ends

You can also visit our Instagram Highlight FAQs for an instructional video from Ashley by clicking here.



We would like our customers to be mindful of climate changes while wearing our chain rings. Your fingers' size can change vastly in variety of climates. Due to the nature of our chain rings being so thin, you can hardly feel it if they slide off of your fingers!  We recommend picking a smaller than usual chain ring size and "shimmy-ing" it over your knuckle.


Should you wish to make any alterations to your ASHLEY CARSON jewelry, or require a repair, please reach out to us by email at  Please note that the customer is responsible for the cost of the repair, unless it is within 14 days of purchase and it has been determined that there is an issue with the product.  For all other repairs and alterations requiring immediate attention, please contact our trusted repair service, Quick Jewelry Repairs.