Frequently Asked Questions

Will my jewelry turn or tarnish?

If you are taking care of it, it shouldn' least not for a few more decades. If you are showering in and exercising and sweating profusely daily with your AC piece, we recommend you remove it and store it carefully to prolong the life of your luxury item.  We test it out on our own and haven't had a piece tarnish yet, but everyone's skin and body chemistry, lifestyles and at-home products, from beauty products to cleaning products are all different. 14k gold filled should last decades before it begins to break down.  Our gold filled suppliers guarantee that the product will not tarnish for 20 years.


Is this solid gold, or plated, or filled? What is the difference?

Every single one of our pieces is made with 14k gold filled 14/20 materials. Gold filled is standardized--it goes through a chemical bonding process to another metal, such as silver or brass, and must weigh at least 5% of gold or more.  It is built to last decades.  It is much more costly to manufacture than gold plated, so it is much more difficult to find. Many refer to it as the next best thing to solid gold, but a fraction of the cost. If you can afford your entire jewelry wardrobe to be solid gold, go for it. Pricing for both solid gold and gold filled fluctuate based on gold's Daily Market Values.

The majority of designer jewelry is made with gold plated.  This is the medium that Ashley began working with, and was finding that the gold plated jewelry was chipping and tarnishing, usually within less than a few weeks.  Spending hours on each piece, this was very frustrating for her, so she researched other options, and came across 14k gold filled.  

Our primary gold filled supplier is a top and respected company in the industry, and has been in business in NYC for half a century, so we and our supplier take pride in the medium we use and stand confidently behind the quality.


I have very sensitive skin, and can only wear "real" gold.  Can I wear your jewelry?

You're probably traumatized from a purchase or a gift in the past, right?  And it wasn't clear to you what exactly kind of "gold" this was.  Your skin had a reaction, and now you believe you can only wear "real" gold.  We very much doubt that you were wearing gold filled, unless it was vintage and had been worn previously for decades.  We've tested out our jewelry on dozens of women with skin allergies to metals, and have yet to have a problem.  Our primary supplier is a trusted family company in NYC, and has been in business for decades, and since we have been in business, has been guiding us through educating our customers on this.  Everyone's skin is different, however, so if you do have a reaction within the first 14 days of item delivery, send us a photo of the skin reaction, and we'll be happy to refund you.  We have yet to have had this happen, so we are confident you have nothing to worry about.


I'm clueless about styling jewelry! Can someone help me?

Sure can!  We're happy to help give recommendations on styling for your personal lifestyle.  This line was developed by the designer for herself, so we can speak from experience. Give us a call at 212.653.0072, reach out to us on messenger, or email


I can be clumsy and am worried I'll damage the dainty jewelry.  Help!

Remember the time when a man invented the high heel?  Right...we don't either.  But we're guessing that some women struggled with it at first, and now, most of us put on our high heels and walk right out the door without blinking an eye.  We believe it may be the same feeling for dainty jewelry.  It is a trending but a somewhat newer style, but here to stay. We recommend being cognizant and body conscious of where and how the jewelry is laying on your body.  If you're someone who likes to twerk in a fitted silk gown that you paid an entire paycheck for, you might want to take a look at our upcoming YouTube channel for some tips for wearing your delicate jewelry.  On that note, Ashley's worn every piece in the collection dozens of times, as she developed the line for herself--she even dove off a 60-foot yacht and swam a good 75 yards in one of her body chains.  


Do the jewelry pieces come in sizes? 

Yes, most pieces come in sizes.  Almost all necklaces, chokers, and body chains come in different sizes and come with extenders so that you can adjust the piece to your preference.  Rings and bracelets also come in sizes, but without extenders.


What is the return policy?

If unworn and no damage has been made to the item, may be returned within 14 days of item delivery date.


I'm buying as a gift, or have questions about the pieces.  Can I speak with someone directly with specific questions and styling recommendations?

Give us a call at 212.653.0072, reach out to us on messenger, or email, and we'll be happy to help!


How should I care for the jewelry?

Be gentle--it is fragile, which you should be able to tell just from looking at it or touching it. Avoid snagging on other materials.  Do not pull aggressively on the jewelry--treat it like the hair on an infant's head! Store it separately from other jewelry so they do not tangle. Do not just throw it in your purse.  If you did not opt for our travel case options (they're only a couple bucks, worth the investment), and you need a solution, we recommend storing it inside a straw and placing in a plastic ziploc baggie. Fasten the ziploc baggie, leaving out both ends dangling just a bit, furthest ends from each other on the corners of the bag so that they do not touch. Move around the bag to ensure the jewelry is fasted in tight enough that they do not move. We have both travel and at-home solutions for you as well, available in the online shop. To clean, either invest in a jewelry cleaner, or use mild soap and water, with an old toothbrush (for gemstones, and smaller linked chains) to clean--we clean ours 2-4 times per month.  Clean a little bit at a time to see the difference.  Stay tuned for our YouTube channel!!!


Do you take custom orders?

No. The only customizable option we offer is engraving.  Depending on your order, there will be a set-up fee associated with your custom engraving.


I had a problem with an order I received.  What can I do?

Within 14 days of the item delivery, give us a call at 212.653.0072, reach out to us on messenger, or email, and we'll be happy to help!