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Ashley learned to make jewelry six years ago as an afternoon hobby at a local Florida bead store. Her hobby quickly turned into a passion as Ashley discovered how much she loved making jewelry to go with her own wardrobe. When the Healthcare Industry took a nose dive in early 2014 it left Ashley scrambling for a job and forced her to really reflect before making her next career move. She took refuge in creating jewelry and was amazed at how much attention her jewels sparked when she wore them – and even the amount of women who would buy them right off her body!

In August of 2014, Ashley moved from Florida to New York City. Two years later, she fully launched her namesake label. Within weeks of launching, the line was featured in People Style, Esquire, and Cosmopolitan Magazine. During that time, Ashley also landed a deal with Equinox fitness clubs hosting trunk shows in The Shop(s) at their New York City locations. Her jewelry was also recently seen on The Today Show being worn by Hoda Kotb. 

Jewelry is sentimental in nature; therefore we believe our story is intertwinded into every piece in our collection. When Ashley reflects on how far this company has come within only the past year, she is filled with gratitude, pride, and love. She is confident this shines through in her work and is felt by every woman lucky enough to wear an Ashley Carson original. 


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Ashley Carson aims to create a delicate, sustainable, yet versatile lifestyle jewelry line. Because this line sprung from Ashley’s love of stylish sustainable jewelry (and the market’s lack there of), she continues to design for women looking for on-trend, high-end jewelry that won’t break the bank. We believe in layered and stacked transitional sets that transition from soft and sweet, to sultry and seductive, any time of day. We are advocates for conscious consumption, and intend to keep production within the United States whenever possible. Globally, we believe that by streamlining our wardrobes by investing in sustainably sourced materials, that this could lead to reduced emissions. We aim to not only educate our customers about styling and caring for their luxury items, but bring an awareness to the impact that the fashion industry has on our planet as well.



To be quite frank, we believe it is simply unethical (and also a waste of our production time), to sell pieces that will tarnish or break after a few weeks or even months of wear. Our goal is to create a line of jewelry that you can effortlessly take with you into any and all occasions of your life. A line you can trust and build upon, to create the perfect layered styling for years to come. We'd rather provide you with even just one staple piece, knowing you could rock it for the next 20 years, than trick you into an endless cycling of re-buying because your luxury jewels keep tarnishing on you.