Care Instructions

This entire line of jewelry is very delicate, and you must treat it as if it is fragile, being very gentle. Wearing a body chain that doesn't fit you correctly, or snagging the jewelry on clothing will break the jewelry.  If the jewelry breaks, it is likely due to the environment it was exposed to.  Please be mindful and careful.  It is not cheap to repair this medium of jewelry.  But if you care for your delicate piece, you can have it around to wear for almost a lifetime.


To clean the jewelry, if you do not have a jewelry cleaner at home, we recommend a mild dish soap with water by just simply lathering the two with your hands.  Try cleaning one half of the piece first to see the difference in color.  The pieces that will most likely require the most cleaning are the chokers and body chains, or any necklace as your neck often has your sunscreen, facial lotions, makeup, the most oils from your skin, and sweat. 


For pieces with stones, if you do not have a jewelry cleaner, use an old toothbrush with soapy water from dish detergent to clean the inside of the bead.  Quartz is a stone that usually shows the most dirt.


For body chains and all necklaces, it is highly recommended to store each piece in its own tangle-free travel case.  These cases are small enough to fit in the tiniest of purses, and if you store it correctly, your jewelry will be protected and will not tangle.  


  1. close all ends (closure clasp & ring) of body chain or necklace
  2. hold out length of piece, each hand holding one of 2 ends, while holding the open plastic spool case in one hand
  3. begin wrapping piece around spool, holding first end out by about 1/4 inch
  4. use your other hand to wrap the remainder of the piece, while holding first side of piece in place on spool
  5. leave out 1/4 inch on second end of piece from spool
  6. flip spool close, leaving out both ends with about 1/4 inch each
  7. keep it somewhere safe!


For chain rings, mostly be mindful of climate changes, as your fingers' sizes change vastly in variety of climates.  This applies particularly to our chain rings, as they are so thin, you can hardly feel them slide off your finger sometimes.  We recommend picking a smaller than usual chain ring size and "shimmy" it over your knuckle.


For product repairs, email with a photo of the damaged item.  A fee may be associated with the repair.


Stay tuned for an upcoming YouTube channel and blog by Ashley to help you style and care for your jewelry.