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Darling Nikki Anklet




Dainty unique anklet in 14k yellow gold filled baguette chain, offered in a variety of lengths. 

*PLEASE NOTE: This item is made to order by the designer.  This item usually ships within 2 days of purchase date, but order production and processing time can take up to 10 days. You can email us at for updates.  If you order cannot be fulfilled within 14 business days (not including shipping time), you will receive a full refund.*

Please make sure to measure your ankle in appropriate positioning before selecting length. Standard anklet length is 10”.

  • Made with 14K Gold Filled
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Tested on the most sensitive skin, with no adverse reactions reported
    • Gold will not chip off
    • Gold will not tarnish for 25+ years if appropriately cared for and left unexposed to liquids, sweat, etc.
    • Although our pieces we say are "shower approved," please be cautious in knowing that you will get more years out of your jewelry if cared for as recommended
    • 14K Gold Filled is made by a chemical bonding process and is weight standardized in the USA, and must be 5% more in gold weight
    • 14K Gold Filled was invented in 1817, which you don't see on the market much as it is mostly only available in chain and wire due to the production complexities and thus not used by many designers as it is creatively limiting and cannot be cast into shapes
    • Our customers who take care of their pieces report years of wear
    • Item is not gold plated

Darling Nikki by Prince